An annual portfolio project «A4, Ballpoint» – was founded in 2006 by “Karas Gallery”, and since 2011 is held in partnership with Voronov Art Foundation. The exhibitions are regularly presented by the end of the year at “Karas Gallery” and at international art events. The project is a collection of paintings that were made on regular office paper A4 with a ball-point pen. Any artists can participate and even those who consider themselves as such. The main condition of this project – the painting has to be original and made only with ball-point pen (not a gel pan or felt-tip pen) on a simply office paper of a vertical format. The point and conception of the project – creating the art with usual daily instruments (without using any traditional artistic materials). Participation in the project. The submission of the works is opened up to 20 of December of every currant year at the following address: «Karas Gallery» Ukraine Kiev 04070 Andriivsky Uzviz 22-a Mon. – Fri. (12.00 – 18.00) At the opposite side of the paper it is necessary to write with a pencil (to prevent paper damages): • name and surname in Ukrainian and English, home town; • year of creation; • contact number and email. By submitting of the works the author in this way confirms his awareness and agreement with conditions of participation in the project. The applied and chosen for the project works are beyond the return, they pass into the ownership of a project on a free-of-charge basis, with the right of its usage, reproduction, selling, exchanging and spreading by the organizers, with the aim of development and popularization of the project. The author gets the catalogues of exhibitions, also his works are presented at the web-site of the project, of Karas Gallery, at the pages of the project in social networks and other sources of mass media. The drawings can be applied to the, if they were selected for the projects, it is obligatory to submit the original. The selection of the project works is made by the editorial board that consists of authoritative Ukrainian artists, theorists and curators. The organizers retain the right of choosing the works that will be published in the catalogue, within those works that were exhibited. If the work was not chosen for the participation in the project, the author has to take away his drawings during the period of 6 month. «Karas Gallery» Ukraine Kiev 04070 Andriivsky Uzviz 22-a т. +380 (44) 238-65-31 Mon. – Fri. (12:00 – 18:00) facebook: A4.Ballpoint facebook: KarasGallery
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